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Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021: for the second consecutive year, as a result of the pandemic, the hall is decorated only by a small tree in the front window.

Skateboard park

Postponed due to pandemic. To be re-arranged in the future. The mobile skateboard park will be at the village hall on 14th. April.

The new style website

The new style website is rapidly approaching completion and will soon go live.

Why am I here?

In case you are wondering how you arrived here, it's probably because you visited the old RVH website and were redirected.

Our first social evening

This was our first social evening after COVID restrictions were lifted.

Our new furniture

We have purchased some new picnic tables. Made from recycled plastic.

Re-opening of village halls .

Re-opening of village halls . Updated 26/7/2021

Our first..........

Our first function since we closed the hall in late March last year.

The sewage treatment plant

Saturday - All finished.

The community orchard

February 2021. The future is starting to look brighter after the last twelve months, the daffodils in the community orchard should help.