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News articles

The community orchard.

Well..........the tree planting didn't go quite as planned today.

The community orchard

With the aid of a grant and assistance from our local councillor

Repainting the hall

The hall is looking resplendent wearing it's new coat of paint.

Goalposts and basketball hoop

A new addition to the playing field.

Skateboard park

Postponed due to pandemic. To be re-arranged in the future. The mobile skateboard park will be at the village hall on 14th. April.

Re-opening of village halls .

Some news about the re-opening of village halls

The playing field.

The village hall playing field is not for motor bikes.

Why am I here?

In case you are wondering how you arrived here, it's probably because you visited the old RVH website and were redirected.


We now accept card payments for bar sales.