Re-opening of village halls .

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Re-opening of village halls .


IMG_20200923_102617.jpg        2nd. October 2020

One of the items discussed during our last committee meeting was a date for re-opening of the village hall.
We considered a number of factors, primarily:
1. that the daily infection rate was increasing.
2. that with the approach of winter the infection rate was likely to increase further (in common with other strains of coronavirus)
3. that the control measures already in place restricted the types of function and number of attendees that could take place in the hall.
4. that already there were local lockdowns in place, although these tended to be well to the north of Suffolk.
5. the probability that stricter control measures would be imposed and the likelihood of another national lockdown.
We also considered that the cost of the precautions and safety measures that we would have to put in place would far outweigh the income that we would derive from hire fees and that attendance at functions would, in any case, be reduced as a result of people not being prepared to risk mixing in an enclosed space.
We decided that the hall would remain closed for the remainder of 2020 subject to review monthly.
Our decision was based exclusively on the effects of the pandemic.
Later that same evening Downing Street announced more stringent measures to control the pandemic.                                            ________________________________________________

















14th. July 2020

Following discussion the management committee consider that it would not be viable to re-open the village hall in the immediate future.

We will review the situation at the beginning of November 2020.  The hall will therefore remain closed until at least 1st. November 2020.

We will, of course, open the hall as soon as it is practical to do so however consider that at present it would jeopardise the health of users and committee members.



18th. June 2020

We are advised that village halls will be allowed to re-open for general use (subject to certain restrictions) from 6th. July. Large gatherings will not be permitted. We are currently assessing the impact of the regulations and will post updates as soon as we are able.


community Action Suffolk have issued the following notice regarding re-opening of village halls for general use.
We will post further news once it is issued.


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