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When will the hall be re-opening?

The village hall is open.

The majority of restrictions were removed on 19/7/21, however we are continuing to maintain a number of the measures that were previously employed.

For example the one way system is still in place and we recommend that it is used wherever possible.

Current advice is that masks should continue to be worn in enclosed spaces.

The sanitation stations remain.

Users of the hall should continue to scan the QR code or provide their contact details to the organiser of their event.

Further details can be found HERE and HERE.



What measures are in place to cope with the pandemic?

Ringshall Village Hall is covid compliant.

Measures are in place to maintain social distancing including a one way system with entry through the front doors and exit via the french doors.

Gel sanitiser stations are in place at various locations within the hall.

Use of the toilets is restricted to one person at a time.

Guidance posters are located in the front lobby.

Why does the website look different?

Because we are usng a different CMS.

The software that we were using previousely was good for simple websites but for anything more sophisticated required a knowledge of coding.

Both programs have their strengths and weaknesses but overall the new one seems to be more suitable for us.

How do I hire the village hall?

Details are HERE

How much does it cost to hire the hall?

Details are HERE

Is the village hall car park a public car park?

No.  It is for use by patrons of the hall.  We also allow the school to use our car park.

From time to time we may allow others to use the car park with our explicit permission.

Unauthorised vehicles left in the car park run the risk of being reported as abandoned.

Is it ok if I dump my rubbish in the car park or hide it behind the bottle banks?

No.  What makes you think that we want your rubbish?

Doing so is an offence, fly tipping, and we will take action against anyone identified doing so.

Be aware that our CCTV is operational and that we do retain the recordings.

What can I do to help the hall?

You could join our cleaning or grass cutting rota.

There are always odd jobs that need doing.

You could assist at some of the events that we organise.

Your best bet would be to contact any of the committee members initially.  Details are HERE

Do we have to pay extra to have the bar opened?

No.  All that you pay for is the drinks (which are very reasonably priced!).

The bar staff are free.

Can I play music at my event?

Yes ------ but only until 11:00 p.m.

You should also be aware that there are mandatory noise levels that must not be exceeded.  During your event we will monitor the noise level and advise you if the volume needs to be reduced.

Can I have a bouncy castle in the hall?

No.  We do not permit bouncy castles or the like within the hall due to the risk of damage to the floor from contamination on the bottom of the castle.

Do you accept card payments?

Yes. We also accept BACS payments.

In fact we encourage payment by card for bar sales.


How can I pay for hire of the hall?

You can pay by cash, cheque or BACS.

Refunds of security deposits will be by cheque.