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The hall is air conditioned and is well suited for most types of function, from birthday parties to retirement parties, tea dances to barn dances, wedding receptions to quiz nights.

Our recently refurbished, sprung wooden floor is ideally suited for dancing - perhaps dancing lessons or a tea dance.

We have a large, modern air conditioned kitchen equipped with appliances, crockery and cutlery.
There is a 'fridge/freezer and a separate larder 'fridge, microwave oven and two electric cookers, together with a hot cupboard.  The kitchen is 5.5m x 4.5m.

The main area of the hall is 13.5m x 8.0m with a wooden floor.  The committee room, separated from the main hall by a folding screen, is 5.5m x 8.0m with a marmoleum floor.  Each area can be used separately although most hirers leave the screen open.

We have a well stocked, licensed bar which is available for most functions.  Bar prices are very reasonable and the bar staff are free of charge.

There are sixteen long folding tables and sufficient new, upholstered chairs. Each table will accomodate three chairs on each side and one at each end.

There is room to erect all sixteen tables and chairs in the main part of the hall.

Additionally there are three large rigid tables, six folding card tables  and a number of small occasional tables.

For smaller events there are ten comfortable tub chairs and some low coffee tables.

Access to the hall is good, with parking for more than forty vehicles.  Additional parking is available on the field during dry weather.

There are good disabled facilities.

The playing field is available for use by hirers of the hall.

Please note that we do not allow bouncy castles or the like to be erected within the hall. (due to the risk that contamination of the underside will damage the floor).

Castles specifically intended for use indoors and that have only been used indoors are acceptable.

 The capacity of the hall, for various types of function is shown below


Capacity of the hall

Seated at tables 100 Main Hall
Mixed tables and dancing 80 Main Hall
Dancing 200 Main Hall
Closely seated 160 Main Hall
Any use 40 Club Room


Please note that we prefer payment by card for bar sales.

Note that the club room is separated from the main hall by a folding screen which can be opened to provide one large area.  In this case the total capacity of the hall will be the appropriate capacity for the main hall plus the capacity of the club room.

 Access to the hall is good, with parking for more than forty vehicles. There are good disabled facilities.

The capacities shown above are the maximum permitted under the terms of our licence.  Hirers should be aware that the capacity stated is the total number permitted including guests and, for example, band members.